BrainFx Cognitive Assessment

BrainFx is specifically designed to detect what other cognitive tests can miss. Its interactive digital cognitive assessments help health professionals better understand a person’s neurofunction, quickly illuminate mild to moderate dysfunction and deliver unique insights for creating more, targeted treatment plans through real-world contextual, function-based activities.

The test results can be used for baselines, comparisons, comprehensive assessments, tracking functional outcomes over time, and even to assist in creating more targeted treatment plans.

BrainFx Cognitive Assessments measure more cognitive skills than any other cognitive assessment: totalling 30 cognitive skills. The assessments also incorporate sensory, physical, and psychosocial skills, as well as other factors like daily life demands, medical history, and other key background information like sleep, nutrition, mood, and behaviour.

Automated scoring and reporting provide the ability to quickly analyze data-driven results and compare the results to customizable normative cohorts. Get in touch today to get your BrainFx Cognitive Assessment!